This man has a gun, he will stop your car, and demand money

Where is   HIS    license ?

Every day, tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people are robbed on our roads, blindsided by the government they thought was in place to protect them. Allegedly in the names of "justice" and "safety," unelected public servants are telling their employers - the public - what they must do, whether they think it's right or not.

Until now, no one has been doing anything about it. We're here to change that.

The right to travel in public without question in the peaceful conduct of your own affairs when you are not intruding on the rights of others is such a FUNDAMENTAL part of freedom that any nation where that right is compromised cannot be called a free country. The founding fathers of the United States of America undoubtedly considered this RIGHT to be such an obvious necessity that it was not explicitly listed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. As a consequence, the Right to Travel has been being eroded by governments at nearly every level in this country. Recognition of the Right to Travel MUST be restored, by amendment of the U.S. Constitution, if necessary.

"Common wisdom" tells us that "you can't fight City Hall" - that the government is out of control. The only way that (the government being out of control) can happen is if we let it - by not banding together into a unified voice to put our servants into their place.

A Note From This Site's Founder:
This site, much of the information on it, and most of the battles behind it, are the direct result of my own, personal, fight to protect the freedoms the United States of America were founded upon. Here you will find things ranging from a Position Paper I wrote while in jail for the heinous crime of driving with a headlight out to legal documents filed in court while trying to avoid, and to be released from, jail. I have a lot more material about the whole process I haven't had time to add, but it's in the works: I AM NOT ASHAMED OF HAVING BEEN SENT TO JAIL AS A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR IN FIGHTING FOR FUNDAMENTAL LIBERTIES WE ALL SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ENJOY. Unlike the government that sent me away, I am not afraid to have this story come out into the glaring spotlight of public display: When all is said and done, it will not be my reputation that bears the tarnish.

During my second trial for driving while deemed a habitual offender, Assistant District Attorney John Harding told the jury that I should not be considered a conscientious objector because I was not putting myself at risk, nor was I protesting a major issue such as a people's freedom as would usually be associated with conscientious objection.

My first question, Mr. Harding, is - when did the right to travel unhindered in public, one of the most basic components of personal liberty, become not a major issue whose removal is worthy of civil protest?

Secondly, in light of the losses I have suffered as a result of my standing up for my freedom, How can you possibly think your statement that I did not put myself at risk is plausible, in any shape or form?

This site has a horrible tale to tell, and I put it up in an attempt to help prevent similar atrocities from occurring in the future. I cannot fight this battle alone, however, the government has more "lawyers, guns and money" than I do. If you find this site strikes a chord with you, please consider helping to support it, in one way or another. The What can I do today? menu in the Site Contents at the left has some options. If you want to support the site another way (e.g., legal representation), please feel free to email me to discuss it.

Thank you, my friends, for your time and consideration.

Fighting City Hall

Here's one man sticking his neck out to protect the freedom of all Americans:

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